I came into this world shy af but also completely in love with receiving attention.

This dichotomy has made my quest for balance a hellish nightmare and, at the same time, a gratifying challenge.

I am full of empathy, creative desire, curiosity, and often string cheese.

I dance in the kitchen, cry whenever I feel like it, and burp on cue.

I am a good listener, a bad singer, and a great friend.

I prefer deeply personal conversations over small talk.

I would always rather be hanging out with my dog. πŸ•

I write tv scripts πŸ“Ί code confessional essays plays to do lists fiction poems jokes πŸ˜‚ critical reviews

I perform spoken word improv stand-up
I produce podcasts 🎧 stuff on the web

I enjoy reading cooking gin 🍸 craft beer men's sweaters baths πŸ› writing theatre kimchi pro wrestling pro football hiking television 🎢music🀘🏼 family friends being kind to myself

I believe in hugs reciprocity being uncomfortable science you ❀️