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Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project is a non-profit company whose purpose is to provide professional photographs and memories for children in the foster care system.

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JavaScript | HTML5 | CSS | Express | Node.js | jQuery | Bootstrap | MySQL | AWS S3 | Google Maps API | Multer | Multer S3 | Bcrypt | Adobe XD


eduCrate, a learning management system, provides educators an authoring tool in which to deliver assignments, document the progress of students, record correspondence with parents, and otherwise manage and administer all other miscellaneous instructional content directly to the parents and students.

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Frontend: React | Redux | Sass | React-Materialize | Material-UI

Backend API: Node.js | Express | MySQL

Production: AWS EC2


S.Miles is a bijou Pygame created in the first weeks of a 16 week, full-stack development course at DigitalCrafts in Atlanta. In this vignette we meet Samantha Miles. Her journey is unclear, her destination is undefined, but her motivation is unrelenting. During her passage, Smiles, as she is known to her friends, is confronted by many strangers. Smiles accepts the task of helping those she meets and these strangers soon become friends. Smiles's actions, however selfless they appear, result in dangerous consequences and ultimately our hero Smiles must confront her greatest fear -- her own limitations.

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Python | Pygame